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Hair-Decoration News

Here you find news about our beautiful hair-decoration. We present you the new collections and new models. Enter the corresponding articles by clicking on one of the photos. Enjoy our offer!


"Classic Belle"

What is classic belle? What do we expect of such a complex term?
We think the meaning of "classic belle" names the process of being beautiful in its purest and most ideal form - perfect in shape and harmony. An importunate prominence within the unspoken fashion principle remains denied. Classic belle fascinates with its filigree and discreet reservation. And so does our remarkable collection "Classic Belle". The passive presence of these high-quality accessories hides behind the overall picture and serves as an extraordinary and practical accentuation.

hair grip


Within the next month we extend our classic product line by more than one hundred new articles! Of course we will inform you in time. But until then, we want to give you something special. With our new collection Stellar we take you into our wide galaxy of hair decoration. Original Swarovski Crystallized Elements decorate these four hair-grips and let your hair shine in optical reflexions.



Our articles made of cow horn are produced in Madagascar by small enterprises. The fabrication is determined by the worker in Madagascar and the price is higher than in the domestic market according to the principles of fair trade. For centuries the horns of the Zebu cattle are used for objects of daily use, decoration and ornaments. Therefore only horns of the domestic cattle are used. Very characteristic for the cattle breed Zebu is its hump that consists of flesh and is a well-known and popular delicacy. Please notice that the produced items are 100 % handmade and each horn differs in colour, grain and form. Therefore each accessory is unique and can distinguish form the picture.


"Fashion Forecast 2012"

Within short time Redwood Fashion will present a new assortment of hair accessories and combs made of real horn. The products are produced in Madagascar in accordance with traditional craftsmanship and are merchandised in line with the principle of fair trade. This means the manufacturing is totally determined by the domestic worker and the prices of export are above the prices of the local market. Nevertheless we are able to offer very graceful, special and handmade articles with a good price-performance ratio - a new collection according 100 percent to the taste of Redwood Fashion.

Because of the increasing demand for fashionable accessories, Redwood Fashion will soon offer you trendy articles in the hip colours: Navy blue, purple, leopard and of course brown and black.

The next summer is on its way - for sure! In March, Redwood Fashion will present you a new collection of summery hair accessories in trendy colours and designs: Floral patterns, a delicate pink, nautical theme and Alice bands of imitated leather in white, beige, brown and black. Can you already feel summer''s delightful kiss? ;)


"Oakland Selection"

Redwood Fashion presents the newest and most exclusive collection of the well known brand Oakland. Hair accessories from the house of Oakland are witnesses to custom made high class workmanship, exclusive materials and the love of detail. Today Oakland is present in the crème de la crème perfumeries and department stores, for example in KaDeWe in Berlin, Jelmoli in Zurich and Alsterhaus in Hamburg. The collection OAKLAND SELECTION offers imaginative and high-class products that are produced in small quantities. The OAKLAND SELECTION competes directly with the world''s most famous brand for hair accessories, ALEXANDRE DE PARIS. Products of Alexandre De Paris are equal to the Oakland Selection in eccentricity and quality, but quite more expensive. Therefore the OAKLAND SELECTION is a must for every fan of hair accessorries: While supplies last!


"Black Swan"

Black Swan - this name stands for grace, charm and easiness like the dance of a young prima ballerina. The interaction of the black accessory with its white, shiny flowers act elegant and daintily, but impressively with a note of self confidence. With our new collection Black Swan we would like to offer you accessories - decent, but with a remarkable and fascinating ornament. In order to give you several variations, we also offer inverse barrettes and hair-grips - a white base with a black bow, decorated with original Swarovski Crystallized Elements.



Alice - a young girl, who is going to Wonderland, to escape the trouble in her real life. There she meets speaking flowers, dressed animals and strange manners. The fairy tale, with all of its crazy, but amusing characters is fascinating in such a way, that we even use Alice''s name to entitle a hair accessory: the Alice band. Of course, you will also find beautiful barrettes and shiny hair-grips in this new collection. Each of them decorated with a butterfly. Well, it is no blue butterfly as we know it from the story, but it is no less beautiful and sparkling with original Swarovski Crystallized Elements.


"Sleeping Beauty"

Sleeping Beauty is the story of a princess, who was injured by a spindle and falls asleep for a century. After this century, the curse vanishes and a prince is able to reach the tower and awake the princess with true love''s first kiss. Reading this fairy tale, we associate the rose colour - the colour of rose petals. According to this fairy tale we present you our new collection of hair decoration in the colour theme Sleeping Beauty. Only those of you, who are willing to take the risk of a long, deep sleep, will be able to find the joy of creating beautiful hairstyles with our rose barrettes and mystical hair-grips.



"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair. Immediately the hair fell down and the king''s son climbed up." Even if we can''t remember the whole story in detail, we recognize this one, important sentence, the king''s son uses to get to Rapunzel. Fascinated by the magical easiness and insouciance, we would like to continue our series of fabulous hair accessories. Enjoy the Alice bands and barrettes in the colour shade Rapunzel, "fine as spun gold".


"Snow White"

Snow White - the fairy tale about a young princess, that is rescued from death by a kiss of a charming prince. The plot is simple, but all the more romantic, because being up with true love''s first kiss is exhilarating. Although we are not able to give you such fate, we would still love to offer you something fascinating. Our new collection of hair decoration Snow White, made by Devisage (Paris), will take you away into our small world of magical barrettes, fabulous Alice bands and stunning hair-grips.



Granada - a city of culture, open mindedness and personal encounters. If you have already been to Granada, you will know about the spirited inhabitants. Both, visiting the Alhambra and experiencing the night life, with its small bars and dynamic flamenco dances, are recommended. According to this Andalusian adventure, we would like to present you our new collection "Granada" - a collection of vitality, dynamics and spirit. Enjoy our bright barrettes, colourful hair-grips and asymmetric Alice bands.

Alice band

"St. Petersburg"

St. Petersburg or Piter, how the citizens call it, is a city of culture and history - a city of the baroque. Last but not least, today''s ballet originated in St. Petersburg - the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet is respected internationally. With our new colour pattern we want to take you away from your everyday life and give you a small association with Russian culture, history, magnificent architecture and the life in the baroque. Therefore our hair ornaments are very baroque - Alice bands with arabesques, rolling hairgrips and decorated barrettes.



The last winter was freezing and long. But spring has come with all of its beautiful flowers like primroses, narcissi and hyacinths. As herald of spring, we present you beautiful hair accessory decorated with flowers. The variety contains barrettes, hair-grips and fascinating Alice bands.



Redwood Fashion offers diadems, necklaces, earrings and other accessories to be worn at the most beautiful day in a woman''s life. "If you decided to spend the rest of your life together, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." (Harry und Sally).


"Èlite - Gold & Silver"

Hair accessories made of 750 gold, 925 silver and stainless steel. Customised to your hair volume and your individual needs by a goldsmith in Germany.


"Exotic Woods"

This accessories are handmade in Costa Rica. It is high-quality material - the surface is clean and there are no sharp edges that could damage the hair. The precious wood is grown in Costa Rica - ecologically. Environmentally awareness is quite important. Therefore the trees are raised without using fertilizers and growth-accelerators.



"Royal" is a title of honour for suppliers and institutions of the royal family. Consequently this word is a hint to something that was able to please the taste of the king. For example "Kir Royal" is the mixture of champagne and crème de cassis, as noble and exquisite as our hair accessories of the collection "royal", that are suitable for all kind of soirée.

fixing comb

"Authentic Feathers"

Since the animal look is still en vogue and can be seen on every catwalk, Redwood Fashion launches the new trendy category "feathers – Oct 2010". 19 hair accessories, made of real feathers of pheasants, give various possibilities to be dressed fashionable and eye-catching. We are only using feathers, the birds lost in a natural way, during their life cycle.


Autumn collection - "Alicante"

Our new collection Alicante goes along with the colourless autumn, according to the actual vogue. As the beach alley of the Spanish city Alicante is paved with black and white stones, the hair accessories of our collection Alicante are decorated by small black and white squares. A thin, golden line ruptures the colourless reservation of this fashion autumn.

Alice band

"Zerzura Africa"

Just in time! With the beginning of the football World Championship in South Africa, Redwood Fashion presents a new trendy collection named "Zerzura Africa". It contains an attractive aggregation of bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, Alice bands, hair-grips and barrettes, coloured in Ethno Style and made of materials we associate with Africa.
Of course you will find timeless accessories in leopard print, true feathers of a pheasant, coloured cowhide, nuts and woods.
Look ahead and be inspired: "Wanneer is oop? - Altyd. Baie pret."


New summer collection - "White Summer"

Redwood Fashion hast included a new collection.
In this new summer collection, the white colour plays an important role. The colour white still remains trendy and represents pureness and an easy-going lifestyle. A white hair accessory is classic and can easily be combined with light-coloured summer outfits.
This trend is a souvenir, brought from well-known holiday beaches and is highly influenced by white hats, shirts and clothes of linen. On New Year''s Day, in Brazil for example, people wear white clothing as a symbol of a new and innocent year. Beneath the Brazilians wear coloured underwear that represents their wish for the new year - in red for love or in yellow for wealth.



Today, we extended our product line by fourteen new articles in the colour theme Florence.
Now you can find three hair clips, four fixing combs, six Alice bands, seven hair-grips, one hair slider and five new barrettes. All a woman''s heart desires.
The collection Florence is shining in different white colours and is very similar to nacre. Therefore it makes a very precious impression.
The extended variety you will find here.


"Combs & Brushes"

You will find combs of real horn, serrated combs made of acetate to prevent your hair being damaged by sharp corners and edges, exclusive combs with a gold surface, brushes of olive wood and with high quality bristles, brushes with metal and wooden pimples and not to forget combs with handmade metal surfaces.
A summery of the new accessories you will get here. The variety of combs and brushes is very complex. Following picture is an example for a comb made of Italian natural resin (Rhodoid).


A huge variety of costume jewellery and hair decoration as well as barrettes and hairpins.

You already know our wide offer of hair decoration? We are happy to present you our newest extension: our assortment will recently be extended by costume jewellery. Of course, strass will be of big importance, once again.

The same applies for our hair decoration. We have barrettes, hair-grips, Alice bands, hairpins and headdresses with real "Swarovski Crystallized Elements". Because nothing is more sensual and more feminine, than a beautiful long hair hairstyle. Set priorities with our hair decoration.

For costume jewellery as well as hair decoration, we will be anxious, to accentuate your optical appearance with our accessories. We diversify our variety of products as wide as possible, to be able to serve each customer the most suitable hair-grip, hairpin, hair-band or Alice band.

Furthermore we decided, not to leave you alone on a woman''s most important day. We offer a wedding collection, that contains besides hair decoration for brides, gracious diadems. Our beautiful curlies in form of roses or a Alice band with feathers belong to a bride''s decoration, but can also be worn for any other serious festivity.

Enjoy our variety and let us enchant you with our hair decoration. All of our products are very sensual and feminine. We would be very happy to welcome you as our customer and appreciate to meet you in Europe''s streets wearing our costume jewellery or hair decoration.

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