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Welcome to Redwood Fashion, your online shop for high quality, fair-trade hair accessories. Our product range consists of hair accessories in various designs, lovingly crafted by hand from high quality materials in Germany, Austria and France. Pick out the perfect hair accessory piece for your wardrobe from over 500 hair claws, barrettes, Alice bands and other hair accessories, divided into over 20 tasteful collections.

What distinguishes our products is the high quality and expert process of production that goes into creating them. Many hair accessory manufacturers fall back on cheap materials, such as plastic and injection moulding, which are mass-produced by machinery. The hair combs, hair pins and hair ties produced by this type of manufacturing generally have a limited lifespan and do not always offer the highest level of comfort. In order to offer our customers a welcome change from these mundane goods, we rely on hand-crafting our products from high quality materials. Hairpins, hair combs and scrunchies from Redwood Fashion are crafted from materials like genuine horn, wood and Rhodoid acetate. We use none other than native, European materials to create our hair clips, hair bands, brushes and combs. These materials guarantee that your hair accessory enjoys a long lifespan.

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Hair accessories made from Rhodoïd cellulose acetate

Many of our hair ornaments and accessories are manufactured from the material Rhodoïd cellulose acetate or Rhodoïd for short. Rhodoïd was first sourced in 1917 from Italian cotton wool and serves as an excellent resource for producing beautiful and very durable hair accessories. Rhodoïd is a sheet material that is manufactured from natural cotton wool in Italy. To begin with, the cotton wool is dyed into any desired shade of colour and then pressed by a machine into firm blocks. These blocks are then cut into thin panels. Over ten working steps later, and these Rhodoïd panels are transformed into elegant hair claws, barrettes and hair clips with a variety of colour hues and a natural shine. The special thing about this manufacturing process: every individual hair accessory piece has its own distinct pattern. This means that every hair accessory that is made from Rhodoïd cellulose acetate is one of a kind.

Hair accessories made from Rhodoïd have several advantages over hair accessories that have been made out of cheap raw materials like plastic or injection moulding. Firstly, no sharp edges that could damage your hair or even completely cut it off are created, during the process of working the Rhodoïd into hair claws and barrettes. Rhodoïd is also a very robust material. A hair accessory piece that is made from Rhodoïd will keep its glow for years even when worn regularly. In addition, Alice bands, hairpins and hair combs made from Rhodoïd cellulose acetate are extremely robust and will survive quite a number of falls without taking damage. If, despite this, you do happen to find any damage on one of your hair accessories, just send it back to us and take advantage of our two year warranty. A particular advantage of hair accessories made from Rhodoïd cellulose acetate is that they are very comfortable to wear and can be adjusted as needed in both shape and size. Rhodoïd becomes soft when it is heated. If you want to change the shape of your Alice band or hairpin, just place the hair accessory in boiling water or gently blow dry it. After that, you are able to carefully bend the piece into the desired shape. This process can be repeated as often as you wish without damaging your hair accessory. See the many advantages of hair accessories made from Rhodoïd cellulose acetate for yourself!

Hair accessories made from natural horn

Hair accessories made from natural horn are the perfect hair ornament for women that want to give their hairstyle a special glow. You won’t find accessories made from genuine horn in any discount shop – using such a unique material and a manufacturing each item with love and care makes every barrette in our range one of a kind.

Over the last few decades the cattle breeding industry in Europe has been enjoying unprecedented growth. The number of cows and oxen is reaching new heights each year, along with the demand for animal products. The breeding of these animals produces a natural bi-product: horn. For long periods of time this horn was just destroyed as a waste product. Taking sustainability into account here at Redwood Fashion we have taken it upon ourselves to include horn as a natural raw material in our hair accessory collections. Made with love by hand in Austria, genuine horn from cattle breeding is processed into exquisite and high-quality hair accessory products. These hair accessories, such as hair claws, hair combs and hairpins enjoy the full benefits of the horn as a material.

Horn is an incredibly durable and sturdy material. Barrettes and hair claws made from genuine horn have an incredibly long life span and only take damage under high mechanical loads. You need to exert a significant amount of force in order to break a hair comb or an earring that is made from genuine horn. When you are buying a hair accessory made from genuine horn you are buying a grooming or decorative product that can be kept and worn for decades to come. Of course, this long lifespan applies to more than just the material itself – the natural shine of the horn will also remain unchanged after many years. If your genuine horn barrette or hairpin starts looking matte, all you have to do is treat it with Vaseline, cooking oil or polish. This restores it back to its old shine in a matter of minutes. If, despite all of this, you break a horn product, we can repair it for you. Order your genuine horn accessory and enjoy it for years to come!

Naturally CO2 binding wooden hair accessories

Wood has been one of the most important raw materials since the beginning of our civilisation. Even the first examples of hair ornaments and accessories were, for the most part, made out of wood. We are still carrying on this tradition to the present day. Many manufacturers have long since switched to using more cost-effective materials like plastic. On the contrary, we are still placing our trust in the durability, naturalness and the classic, exquisite charm of hairpins and barrettes that are made from beautifully processed native and European wood.

Unfortunately, the topics of sustainability and regional production often don’t receive the emphasis they deserve. Here at Redwood Fashion, we are trying to break away from the trends of excessive globalisation and mass production of oil based products. The first step is undoubtedly to reflect on which natural materials to use for our hair accessories. The wood that is used to manufacture our hairpins and hair combs is a CO2 binding material which is the result of a biological, natural process. Produced by hand as a result of detailed craftsmanship within Europe – most of our products are produced in Germany and Portugal under fair conditions – our hair accessories do not have any sharp edges that could pose a risk to your hair while wearing. Our wooden hair accessory pieces are varnished with 100% natural linseed oil, which, in contrast with other natural oils, dries completely. This varnish produces the enchanting shine of your hairpins and barrettes, has a water-repellent effect and protects the piece from drying out. With a little bit of care, you will be able to wear your wooden accessories for decades to come.

One last special feature of natural wood: every hair accessory is completely unique and one of a kind. Just as we know from pieces of furniture that are made from high-grade wood, the hair accessories in our product range that are made from wood each possess their own unique and individual grain pattern. See the naturalistic charm of hair accessories made from natural wood for yourself in our Redwood Fashion shop and give your hairstyle a classic and noble touch!

Hair accessories with genuine CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski elements

Give your hair accessory that little something extra with genuine Crystallized™ Swarovski elements, that will make your hair shine! Especially when going to special occasions like a graduation ball or a wedding, do not be caught without your very own hair claws with Crystallized™ Swarovski elements. Discover our hair ornament Diamond collection with black, reflective hair claws that are decorated with small, valuable glass crystals in various designs. Alternatively, just order your own personalised dazzling hair accessory for yourself by contacting us and informing us of your individual wishes. We are happy to adorn any of the Rhodoid products we offer with some of beloved Crystallized™ Swarovski elements.

Here at Redwood Fashion, the utmost care is taken to look for quality when choosing all of our hair accessory products. For this reason, we put our trust in using crystals from a manufacturer whose crystals are renowned for their high quality. For over 120 years, the Austrian family business has been one of the most significant and largest producers in the field of fashion jewellery and crystal glass. Seeing as the small crystal elements enjoy great popularity in fashion jewellery – from watches all the way to mobile phone cases – we would like to make it possible for our customers to wear Crystallized™ Swarovski elements in their hair as well.

So that you can get joy from your decorative hair accessory for a long time, common industrial adhesive is not used when attaching the Crystallized™ Swarovski elements to the hair claws. Instead, every individual element is heated up and set onto the hair accessory piece. This process guarantees that the crystal elements remain in place for a long time. However, if any elements come loose or are torn out from your hair claw, we would be happy to perform the necessary repairs for you. Beautify your hairstyle with hair accessories that have elegant Crystallized™ Swarovski elements – guaranteed to make you an eye-catcher!

Bracelets, necklaces and earrings

Attractive yet quality accessories like bracelets, necklaces and earrings are a must-have for your wardrobe. Whether for casual wear or getting dressed up for a special occasion, no look is complete without these stylish accessories. A modest necklace and earrings that go with a summer dress or an evening gown are hallmarks of a fashion-conscious person. A snazzy armband gives the whole thing that finishing touch. With Redwood Fashion you can find these accessories in various colours and models. Whether it is a subtle black or a sleek silver-brown – you will find any accessory your outfit needs in our selection.

Our bracelets can be found in various models. A slender horn bracelet is the perfect subtle complement to your outfit – you can bring out your best side with our large mosaic bracelets or stick with the classics. Brilliant round or diamond-shaped ear studs and earrings go especially well with barrettes or hairpins from our horn collection. Our selection of necklaces is particularly diverse. In addition to pretty yet subdued pendants you can find stylish necklaces with a wide range of patterns and colour tones, which you can then combine with other items in your wardrobe in all kinds of ways.

As diverse as our individual items may be in appearance, they all have one thing in common: they are all handmade with lots of love. Like all Redwood Fashion products, our accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and ear studs are also predominantly handmade within Europe. The material used for production comes from sustainable, ecologically-sound sources. Many of our quality accessories are made of genuine horn. Horn is a by-product of cattle farming and offers a lot of advantages. Necklaces, earrings and necklaces made of horn are very robust and keep their natural lustre for many years. If your accessory ever does stop shining like the day you bought it, you can give it a quick polish with common cooking oil or grease and it will gleam like new.


Sustainability is important to us. That is why nearly all our hair accessories are made of natural materials. That includes pressed cotton, also known as rhodoid, but also natural horn and real wood. Whether you choose our real wood barrettes and hair pins or you prefer a classic rhodoid hair claw is, of course, up to you. Whichever you choose, however, you can rest assured it is not pieces of chemical injection moulding that you are buying, but natural products, handmade with precision and care in Germany, France, Austria and Portugal. You can find further information about our sustainability standards here.

At Redwood Fashion, you can find a wide variety of hair accessories in many stylish variations. For example, if the dress code is elegant and dark, we recommend hair claws and Alice bands from our Diamonds, Prague, London or Milan collections. These particular hair pieces, made from beautiful Rhodoid acetate, captivate with their delicate black hues. Or are you looking for something classic for a special occasion like a graduation prom or a wedding? Then our Recife, Vienna, Alicante or Florence collection has just the thing for you! Would you like a really exquisite eye-catching hair ornament? Then fall back on our hair accessories with precious Crystallized™ Swarovski elements. And if you are just plain curious, simply have a little browse through our Redwood Fashion online shop and let yourself be enchanted by all the wonderful hair ornaments and accessories there!