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Hair Jewellery & Accessories


Redwood Fashion brings you a collection of unique accessories made with careful craftsmanship, all produced and manufactured by hand in Europe. Our products are made without any kind of machine production, which assures you that each piece is truly unique. No two accessories are alike! Nor are any of our accessories made from anything but high-quality materials. For instance, all items of jewellery—earrings, bracelets and necklaces—are made from natural horn, which is a by-product in the breeding of cattle. Our unique processing technology enables us to recycle this by-product and transform it into designer accessories. Unique and special pieces of jewellery and accessories are the result.

Natural horn is produced sustainably, but what really sets horn apart as a special material are its individual colour shades. By maintaining these colours in production, each accessory obtains its own, individual colour shade from the original grain of the horn. Furthermore, horn is known to be both durable and easy to care for and possesses a slightly shimmering, natural shine. Simple care with cooking oil, grease or Vaseline will maintain this shine for years. We recommend natural linseed oil.

At Redwood Fashion, we set high quality standards for our jewellery. All accessories are made without sharp edges, which means, in addition to durability, we also offer you great wearing comfort. Now is the time to order these high-quality designer accessories from Germany, France and Austria!

Alice bands

Along with hairpins, the Alice band is among the oldest hair accessories. As early as the Middle Ages, Alice bands were used in versatile ways, and to this day they are still widely popular. This is evident in the English name: Alice band, the name taken from the Alice in Wonderland 1865 fairy tale. Like the film itself, the Alice band represents curiosity in the midst of a classic and conventional environment.

Just like for most hair products, comfort is key when it comes to Alice bands, which are used for both evening and everyday wear. Long wearing times should therefore not be a problem – even after several hours, the Alice band will not cause any pain. In order to ensure this, we use a very special material at Redwood Fashion: Rhodoid. Rhodoid is a sheet material made of Italian cotton. Place the Rhodoid Alice band in hot water, or blow-dry it on warm, and you can bend it carefully to fit your head size and hair volume. Even the small teeth of the Alice band, which provide the necessary support, can be easily trimmed to the desired size with a file. Have you opted for an Alice band from one of our collections? Then order it online and look forward to your classic and elegant Alice band by Redwood Fashion.


What would hair styling be without barrettes? For as long as anyone can remember, these hair accessories, along with hair claws and scrunchies, have been some of the best loved aids for creating simple as well as more elaborate hairstyles. This is mainly due to the fact that barrettes can be incorporated into hairstyles easily. While hair combs and hair pins, for example, require a certain amount of dexterity, barrettes can simply be clamped around a strand thanks to their practical closure mechanism. In professional circles, this mechanism is called a patent barrette. By pressing two small metal arms, the barrette can be opened quite comfortably. Individual strands can then be inserted and fastened into the resulting opening.

The quality of workmanship is, of course, very important to us. Barrettes not made professionally can damage hair. Redwood Fashion prevents any such problem because our company insists on the finest craftsmanship. Every single one of our barrettes is crafted by hand in Europe, as are all the hair accessories we offer. We also use nothing but the highest quality materials. Depending on which of our collections you are interested in, our barrettes are made from olive wood, Rhodoid or natural horn. These materials are all sustainably produced and provide durability at the same time. Enjoy discovering our extensive selection of high-quality barrettes and hair accessories in many colours!

Brushes and combs

Brushes and combs are amongst the oldest care products in mankind’s history. It has been discovered that so far back as the Middle Ages, combs and brushes were made from bone and horn and used in haircare. Today, brushes and combs are found in almost every bathroom and are the basis for our hair care and styling. While the use of hair combs and brushes hasn’t changed over the millennia, there are great differences in the way they are made today compared to in the past.

Today, you can find brushes and combs for sale for just a few Euros in almost every discount store. These are mostly made of plastic and synthetic materials and so are only suitable for hair care. Cheaply made combs are easily broken, they often are neither environmentally friendly nor particularly comfortable to use. For this reason, we at Redwood Fashion are committed to using high-quality and sustainable materials. We make hair combs and hairbrushes from our collection of real horn, bamboo or olive wood. These natural materials give the products a long lifespan and are easy to clean. In addition, they make hair care more comfortable, as the real horn and natural wood are much smoother and softer than cheap plastic. Give yourself and your hair high-quality comfort with brushes and combs from Redwood Fashion.


Fascinators may not be the most casual hair accessories, but they sure do make a splash on special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, senior prom or gala dinner – with Fascinators by Redwood Fashion you can give your hairdo that finishing touch. Fascinators were especially popular in the 20’s and 30’s back in the 19th century. Although nowadays these unique hair accessories are primarily worn on special occasions, back then, Fascinators were an integral part of the fashion – worn day and night. In the last few years, balls have come into fashion hearkening back to those days. Men and women often come dressed in the 1920’s and 1930’s style to Nuit Bohéme events and dance to new swing and jazz. No one wants to be caught without a snazzy Fascinator at these parties – they’re a key piece of the hairdo.

Fascinators by Redwood Fashion are made in Germany with much attention to detail. We pride ourselves on the high quality and sustainability. Our hair accessories are made of cream-coloured Sinamay hat-straw. This material is elegant, extremely comfortable and puts up with a lot of wear and tear. The stylish hoops and leaves are complimented by gorgeous pearls and feathers. These hair accessories can then be worked into the hairdo with a barrette. Complete your look for the next gala dinner and order high-quality Fascinators by Redwood Fashion!

Hair claws and wave clamps

Hair claws, often known as wave clamps due to their shape, are the most popular hair accessories, alongside barrettes. What sets hair claws apart from their counterparts, however, is their particular closing mechanism. While barrettes arrange individual strands of hair across a long, narrow area, hair claws use their teeth to gather up larger masses of hair. This enables even elaborate, pinned-up hairstyles to be held securely in place. Available in different sizes – our range varies from small hair claws with six teeth up to large wave clamps with 16 or more teeth – hair claws combine and complement one another wonderfully. While small hair claws arrange individual strands to produce a subtle optical effect, large wave clamps can securely fix larger masses of hair, such as a bun. Therefore, these large hair claws can be used specifically to set a stylish tone, suitable for evening wear.

Redwood Fashion’s hair claws and wave clamps consist of robust but sustainably-produced materials. A large number of our hair accessories are manufactured out of so-called rhodoid. This resin-like material is extracted from Italian cotton and is extremely low-maintenance, thus offering a long lifespan. Moreover, rhodoid can be shaped in a variety of ways. As such, you can find hair claws from different collections in our product range. The Alicante collection, with its striking pattern, and the ivory-coloured Recife collection, are just some examples. Complete your look with stylish hair claws by Redwood Fashion!

Hair clips and bobby pins

Stylish hair clips and bobby pins, along with hair claws, hairpins and Alice bands, are an essential part of any hair care or hair styling arsenal. The long, but slim hair accessories make it possible to skilfully arrange and shape both individual strands and larger volumes of hair. This works easily and comfortably thanks to a small metal loop on the underside of the hair clip that holds strands of hair together by clasping around them. Of course, hair clips, like most other hair accessory pieces, hold more than just a practical value when creating a particular hairstyle. If the hair clips are beautifully crafted, they can really bring out all the right features in your evening attire as beautiful hair accessories.

In order to offer our customers numerous options for using hair clips and other hair accessories that go with their wardrobe, we offer our hair accessories divided in different collections. The Oslo collection with its beautiful shades of brown, the Vienna collection with its noble white tones or the Granada collection with its warm red hues are just some of the many collections on offer. To ensure that our products shine beautifully and feature unique designs, we focus on Europe’s regional craftsmanship and on using high quality raw materials. Just like many other hair accessories in our range, our hair clips are made from Rhodoid, an Italian natural resin. You can find hair clips in all shapes and sizes at Redwood Fashion. Is the product you want not listed in the right size on the homepage? Then don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry! We’ll surely be able to find a suitable hair clip in our warehouse.

Hair combs

Durability, wearing comfort and sustainable, regional production are hallmarks of Redwood Fashion’s high-quality hair combs. Just like all our other hair products and accessories, our hair combs, too, are intricately handmade in Europe. Our manufacturing processes use only natural, raw products. Our hair combs are a perfect example. They are made from the genuine horn that comes from healthy cattle and buffalo. A natural by-product in cattle breeding, horn is a material which does not create any additional ecological burden. Our customers gain an additional benefit from the use of natural horn: every hair comb is unique! Each horn has its own colours and its own patterns, which are incorporated just as is into the final design of our hair combs. In addition, our horn hair combs are easily cleaned. You can use cooking oil, grease or polish to preserve the natural shine of your hair comb for years.

Whether they sweep upwards or backwards, updos are part of the royal art of hairstyling. This art requires none but the best quality tools. Redwood Fashion’s hair combs are very robust and easy to work into the hair. At the same time, both the material used and the highly precise workmanship make for great wearing comfort. Order our hair combs in your favourite design and you can look forward to completely new hairstyling options!


A lot of extravagant hairstyles depend on the use of sturdy hairpins. Whether it is a top knot, a bun or an updo, only the right hair accessories will ensure a secure hold that lasts for hours. Alongside hair claws, hair barrettes and scrunchies, hairpins are primarily used for dealing with large volumes of hair. Hairpins have the advantage of being able to fix large strands of hair in place and with that, they enable an extensive range of design possibilities when styling your hair. If you use multiple hairpins at once and use them in conjunction with other accessories the most beautiful hairstyles for wearing to that gala evening or elegant dinner will become a reality.

Hairpins work using tension – the hair clings firmly to the pin when worked properly into the hair – and has to be manufactured to be stable and durable. Nothing is quite as sad as a broken hairpin that ends up ruining your hairstyle. In order to avoid the hairpin breaking, at Redwood Fashion we only use the most robust materials during the manufacturing process. Our hairpins are made from olive wood, genuine horn or Rhodoid acetate. This means that all of the resulting products are both natural and durable at the same time. Just like all other hair accessory pieces, we also strive to manufacture our hairpins meticulously and durably through detailed and regional craftsmanship. You can find hairpins in our online shop in our various collections – from classical olive wood all the way to the shiny style of St. Petersburg. Still not found what you are looking for? Then send us a message with your own personal wishes!

Hair slides

Holding strands and curls in place is easy when using simple, effective hair slides, which, unlike hair pins, are open on one side. You can simply insert curls and smaller strands, no great dexterity needed. For those extravagant hairstyles you want to wear on a special evening at a ball or gala, try using several hair slides at once. Be creative! Using several hair slides, perhaps in conjunction with other hair accessories such as an Alice band or barrettes, allows you to easily fashion elaborate updos. Hair slides may not be as prominent as larger hair ornaments such as hair claws or combs, but they should still complement your wardrobe. Redwood Fashion offers you many different colours and designs of hair slides. Hair slides in the Granada collection, for example, are superbly suited to flatter a dress in red or brown shades. And in the Recife, Bologna, and Florenz collections, you’ll find classic hair slides you can combine in many delightful ways.

Redwood Fashion’s hair slides are exclusively handmade in Europe with expert craftsmanship. In addition, all of our materials are organic and sustainably produced. In large part, our hair slides are manufactured from Rhodoid, a natural sheet material made from Italian cotton. Rhodoid hair slides have a long life, high breakage resistance and give you pleasant wearing comfort.


Alongside hair claws and barrettes, the scrunchy is the gold standard in all things hairdressing technology. Scrunchies are regularly used, and mainly to keep plaits in place. Thanks to their elastic straps, scrunchies can be used flexibly and in a variety of ways. Thus smaller strands, as well as larger plaits, can be easily and comfortably held together and styled. Of course, when it comes to choosing hair accessories, it is not only practicalities that come to the fore – above all, scrunchies and other hair accessories must also be stylish. For this reason, Redwood Fashion scrunchies come in a variety of designs, allowing the convenient tying and decoration of ponytails, buns and pigtails.

Other manufacturer’s scrunchies emphasise their practical uses, and do not place as much value on quality. For this reason, lots of shops sell big packets containing a large number of basic scrunchies, all of which only have limited durability. However, we at Redwood Fashion focus on high-quality production using the finest materials. Our scrunchies and hairbands are made out of genuine horn or rhodoid, meaning they have a long lifespan. Our hair accessories come in different collections with varying colour tones, so that every hair type can find the right scrunchy. Furthermore, you will also find scrunchies in different shapes in our shop. Discover our range, from subtle, semicircular styles to heart or flower designs.