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Redwood Fashion Haarschmuck

Hair Jewellery and Accessoires

Handcrafted in Germany, France and Austria.

Means of payment


Credit card – recognized worldwide
With Redwood Fashion you can pay conveniently and securely with your credit card. It doesn’t matter if you own a MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Discover or UnionPay. We generally encrypt your credit card information during the SSL in order to provide a high security standard for your shopping. When you pay with a credit card, your product is shipped immediately after your order goes in.

PayPal – safe and fast
Of course we also offer PayPal as a means of payment. This way you benefit from a quick payment method and PayPal’s buyer protection – even though you will not need it with us. When you are done shopping you are automatically linked to PayPal. PayPal customers can also log into their PayPal account there. If you are not a PayPal customer yet, you have the option to log in as a guest or open a PayPal account. When you pay with PayPal, you have the advantage that your order is processed and shipped immediately after you finish shopping. In case of a return, the money you get back will be added to your PayPal account.

Direct debit – easy and convenient
If you decide to pay with debit, the cost of the item will be quickly and efficiently deducted from your bank account. Since we ourselves are not a bank, we task PayPal with making an entry in our name. So you will get transferred to PayPal to enter your bank information while you order. Of course you do not need a PayPal account to pay with debit. Your advantage: you pay quickly and easily and we can have your item shipped to you right after your order is received.

Purchase on account – transfer later
Now we’re offering our customers the option to pay on account. This way you do not pay for your purchase until you have received the item. To insure legally against lack of payment, we forward our right to payment to PayPal. So you transfer the payment after receiving the item not to us but directly to PayPal. PayPal’s bank account information can be found in your order confirmation, your receipt and in the PayPal confirmation email.

Giropay – the automatic online transfer
If your home bank supports Giropay, you can select Giropay to pay for your order. You will then be transferred directly to your bank’s online banking portal. There you can log in conveniently with your normal user information. No need to sign up. Giropay finishes filling the transfer out for you – you just need to confirm the transfer with your transaction number (TAN). Then both you and Redwood Fashion will receive an automatic booking confirmation and we can have your product delivered to you immediately.

EPS – automatic online transfer for Austrian customers
With EPS we offer our customers from Austria a safe payment method. Should you select EPS to pay for your order, you will be transferred to your home bank’s online banking site, if it is a EPS member. There you will find a fully filled-out online transfer order which you only need to confirm with your transaction number (TAN) – like with any normal online transfer. As soon as you have finished with the transaction, we will immediately receive a payment confirmation and will commission your order immediately.

Paydirekt – pay with your online shopping account
Many German banks are now partners with Paydirekt and thus offer the option to add a separate account for paying for online shopping. Now you can pay for your order with us via this Paydirekt account. Just select Paydirekt as your method of payment and you will be transferred to their online account. There you can conclude your order in a few clicks. If you do not have an account yet, you can add one on your home bank’s website, as long as they support Paydirekt. When you pay with Paydirekt, we receive immediate payment confirmation and can commission your order straight away.

SOFORT direct banking – quick and easy
If you select the SOFORT direct banking option you will be transferred to the SOFORT direct banking website. There you can log in with your information for your normal online banking account, protected by a secure authentication process. You do not need to sign up for anything new or any separate accounts to do this. You confirm your transfer like normal with a TAN. When you finish paying, you will receive a summary of your purchase and we can start shipping your order immediately.

Pay in advance via transfer – traditional
We also accept a traditional bank transfer as means of payment. If the transfer occurs on the same day as your order, we will receive your payment generally within 1-2 word days, so that we can get your item to you quickly. You will find our bank details below.

Payee: Redwood Fashion, Bayer
IBAN: DE81666500850004356659
Bank: Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw

If you have further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.