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Elongated Striped Inlay Barrette made of Oak Wood

SKU: HW0310E

$22.95 incl. VAT excl. shipping rates Delivery: Germany 2-3 days | EU 7 days | USA 10 days

Elongated oak woods barrettes fit every hair type and styling. The light colour of the oak wood makes it a perfect hair accessory for summer fashion. Whether braid, half-open hairstyle or elaborate updos - our longish barrette made of high-quality precious wood hold small as well as large hair volumes together securely and guarantee a firm hold of your hairstyle for hours. The intarsia used gives our long oak wood a wonderful contrast, with which you can set fashionable accents. With an elongated oak wood barrette you buy a small unique specimen – thanks to the unique wood grain there is no other hair accessory like it.

Length: 11.5 cm
Width:   3.5 cm
Clasp opening: 7.2 cm

This barrette is made of beautiful oak wood. The inlay is inserted into the wood structure and then decorated in a colourful and free artistic style. Since both the wood grain and the inlay are different, each of these hair ornaments is a small unique specimen. The advantages of our real wood products is obvious:

  • No sharp edges that could damage or even cut the hair.
  • High wearing comfort that protects hair and scalp.
  • Biological, CO2-binding raw material wood.
  • Individual artistic design.
  • Handmade in Germany.
  • Long durability.
  • Made in Germany.

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