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Large London Barrette made of Rhodoïd Cellulose Acetate

SKU: RW71465LD

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Discreet, yet conspicuous – this is how the large round barette from our London assortment can be described best. While size and shape could hardly be more striking for a hair accessory, the colourful design captivates with a simple and discreet black. And it is this combination that distinguishes the large circular London barrette. Use this piece of hair jewellery to enclose medium and larger hair volumes tightly and to realize more elaborate updo hairstyles. This automatically directs the other person's gaze to your hairstyle, but without fully capturing his or her attention. Expand your hair jewellery collection with the discreet eye-catching – order your large circular London barrette from Redwood Fashion now.

Length: 9.2 cm
Width: 3.4 cm
Clasp opening: 6.5 cm

Rhodoïd is a sheet material made of cotton in Italy. The cotton is dyed and pressed into a variety of colour pattern blocks. Discs are cut from the blocks, which are then processed into enchanting hair decoration products and hair accessories in France in more than 10 work steps. The elaborately and partly hand-made produced Rhodoïd hair accessory thus has the following advantages over the machine-made plastic injection-moulded product:

  • No sharp edges that could damage or even cut the hair.
  • High wearing comfort that protects hair and scalp.
  • Biological raw material (cotton).
  • High elasticity and breaking strength.
  • Longer durability.
  • European Quality.
  • Made in France.

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